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A window on the world…

Your brand message; your products; your brochure and more, a web browser is your window on the world that allows us to publish any information you want in any way you need.

With expertise in marketing, design and building technology, we provide scaleable, creative online websites and e-campaigns designed to deliver our clients message most effectively. The range of solutions we provide is almost endless, from ecommerce to viral campaigns, email marketing to search engine optimisation and more.

Our job is not only to interpret your brief effectively, but to understand your business and your clients, only then can we apply our experience and truly deliver a solution that meets your needs.

Our aim is to deliver effective solutions that exceed your expectations and ultimately, provide return on investment – we can help make you money or save money online.

Providing the right technology for the right solution
Today’s website is more integrated into a modern business that ever before, not only do we have in-house solutions to develop your website, we also have a proven track record in working with third parties to integrate back office solutions into your website. We work in a modular manner, allowing us to rapidly deploy solutions.

The usual…

We provide everything you expect, from a complete design and marketing service, we can integrate the usual features into you website, including:

  • bulletin boards
  • chat systems
  • newsletters
  • content management
  • shopping baskets
  • blogs
  • galleries
  • flash

and more.


Content management - CMS

Tailor made travel - CMS driven website

Publishing information online should be quick and easy for you as a content provider, and easily accessible for your visitor. We provide a range of fool proof technologies and solutions designed to integrate into your work-flow that allow you to upload information on your website in a way that conforms with your current website design, whether you are publishing to web pages, PDF documents or even XML and RSS feeds.

Our in-house solutions incorporate advanced features such as image processing, approval work-flow and more, further, we can provide our CMS technologies to your existing website or even build solutions that allow you to publish third party content to your site.

Please contact us for a demo.



Davies Angling - Ecommerce driven website

Ecommerce can be as simple as prompting customers to email you to buy, or as complex as working with several suppliers to transparently provide customers with the cheapest or most suitable product to suit their needs, then guide buyers through subscribing to your website and securely process their transaction. Orders can then be forwarded onto third parties for fulfilment and processing.

We provide a complete, in-house shopping basket targeted at SME's looking to sell online, the system is a template based system derived from our Content Management System that allows us to create completely individual websites with advanced functionality, with features including integration with multiple credit card processors, easy configuration of special offers, and an unlimited number of products.

Please contact us for a demo.


XML & Webservices

XML and Webservices
Supply Direct - XML driven orders sent directly to suppliers

Today's business is more connected than ever; in order to give your products maximum exposure, we develop industry standard interfaces to enable you to broadcast your information, helping your clients to efficiently integrate your data into their own systems.

This is of course a two way process, we can also integrate your suppliers data into your website, allowing you to seamlessly and transparently offer a broader product range.

Wherever possible, this level of integration is completely autonomous - computers talking to each other without any intervention.

Please contact us for more information.


SEO & online intelligence

SEO and online intelligence
Triangle Manchester - No. 1 in google!

Understanding your visitor better enables you to serve them better; where do they come from, what are they looking for, how did they find you?

By interpreting information from various sources, we provide a tailored search engine optimisation service, making sure that not only your clients can easily find you, but potential new clients are properly targeted.

We also work to make sure your whole website provides information in an intuitive manner so visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. A better visitor experience is more likely to end with a new customer!

Please contact us for more information.



Omniis - IT newsletter

Engaging your customers is key to building stronger relationships, which in turn builds better customers. We help to communicate your brand online through email campaigns, MPU's, online advertising, search engine marketing and more.

We can also incorporate Web2.0 features to allow your website to interact with online social networking.

Effective marketing reinforces and builds brand values and helps not only retain existing customers, but helps to drive potential new customers to your website. Brand building online is more cost effective than traditional methods, we can help you communicate your message and better connect with your customer.

Please contact us for more information.



Libra Holidays - Secure online holiday bookings

We understand that security is the keystone to any successive online presence. Our online security doesn't stop at secure certificates.

We proactively work to integrate the latest security methods into our code to provide complete reassurance, from PGP encryption to industry level encryption methods. We ensure that all aspects of your website are protected; this includes emails, credit card details, and of course, secure certificates.

Please contact us for more information.


Accessibility & usability

Accessibility and usability
Short Breaks - Cross-browser code ensure useability across all browsers

As compelling as your message may be, it is irrelevant if your intended audience cannot read it. Our accessibility checks ensure that not only is your data readable, but we can ensure compatibility with screen readers and visitors with disabilities. Our usability studies ensure that your site is logically arranged and provides the best possible and most enjoyable visit for your customer.

Furthermore, we work with browser standards to make sure your website performs well in all available browsers whilst providing the most engaging and effective user experience.

Please contact us for more information.



Secure, managed hosting to suit your business

We design and create tailored, individual websites. Our websites need high quality, professional webhosting to perform. We offer a completely tailored solution to your webhosting to ensure your website runs to it's optimum level, whether this is low cost shared hosting or dedicated, load balanced secure servers.

Our hosting is designed to provide total peace of mind and the knowledge that your website will be always available, quick and secure.

Our hosting also includes email, we offer a range of solutions that can include anti-spam, anti-virus systems together with multiple office configuations and more.

Please contact us for more information.


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